Family Wall

One of the things we specialize in (and LOVE creating) is turing our client's beautiful memories into artwork for their homes.  Everything is so digital now and I know for even me personally, I have to really be intentional about printing photos of my family.  Our house doesn't actually have a lot of wall space because we have so many doors and windows, but we do have a huge 2 story stairwell.  When we were building our house I found this big "W" made of out of old ceiling tiles and got the idea to start a family wall of photos and W's.  3.5 years ago we started out with just the W on the wall and now it's starting to fill up with some of our favorite memories. Some of them include, our wedding, dogs (because they were our first children:-), and one of my favorite ones is my mom holding 4 of her grand babies at one time because she was just so happy. Our very fist child was a little newborn foster baby and we don't get to see her anymore so it's a reminder of how much we love her, and to pray for her often.  Our 2 little girls newborn photos, adoption day, Maddie's halloween photo as a cabbage patch kid and W's that family has given us as gifts. I especially love the scrabble piece David's mom gave us for Christmas this year.  I started moving to the small wall on the landing and added our girls in the same exact pose my sister and I were in, in the same exact dresses when we were little and our Christmas photos so there's plenty of room for more there.  Once that is full I'll start filling up the huge wall we have that goes up the stairs.  I love canvas prints because they match everything and you can keep on adding. 

Who has time to do something like that, right?  We do!!  We can custom design a grouping to fit any size space and keep adding.  Here's an example of Melissa and Kevin's wall space and what we did with it.  Melissa sent me this photo on the left of her big open wall.  We designed a canvas grouping with some of their favorite images from their engagement session and wedding. There is a screen shot of it is on the right.

I always love seeing what the final product looks like on the wall especially when I don't get to see it in person.  Melissa and Kevin live in Ohio, so she sent me a couple photos of what their artwork looked like once it was hung. They actually re-arranged it, and put the family photos from their wedding on a different wall and there's space on both walls to add more as their family grows and changes over the years.  I love it!  Photos aren't meant just to be on your phones, social media, and computers, your memories can be designed into art pieces for you to enjoy for years to come!