Be Beautiful Do Good - Promise Love Fundraiser

This event has a really cool little story behind it.  Sarah, one of our brides, and also Michele Renee's posted on facebook that she wanted to do a makeup class and was curious who would teach one.  I saw her post and tagged Michele because I knew she did them.  Then, Michele and Sarah decided to make it a fundraising event to support adoption through the Promise Love Foundation!  I co-founded this organization and am so thankful for people like these 2 ladies who help us do what we do, which is partner with families to raise money for adoption.  Their goal was to raise $1000 from this event and they did it!  This money will go towards Mary Jo and Gil, who we have a goal of raising $27,000 for their adoption.  We're up to almost $5000 for them so far, so we do have a ways to go (and you can always donate here:-)   They are matched with a birth mom who is having a little girl in November.  Michele taught us how to use the color wheel and eye shape when applying makeup, I know I learned a ton!  There were sweets donated from Nothing Bunt Cakes, champagne, and even a silent auction with some awesome swag.  You ladies are amazing!!! Thank you so much to everyone who came and especially Michele and Sarah for all your hard work planning it!!