10 Years!

10 years ago today, David and I said our vows to each other on our wedding day! We promised each other these things:
"To honor, encourage, and support each other. I promise to put Christ at the center of our relationship, knowing that only as we grow closer to Him, can we grow closer to each other. I promise to honor this covenant as long as we both shall live". Pretty simply and straight forward right?  Looking back, and thinking about these words we promised each other, these really are the most important things that make a marriage work. We've traveled the world, moved from the north to the south, built a house, both changed careers, experienced great joy, and suffered great loss together.  Besides our wedding day, the 2 days we became parents, and the 2 days we became forever parents are the happiest.  All these experiences have made us better people together than we could have ever been apart. I pulled out our wedding video, which was on VHS, made into DVD, but wouldn't work on my iMac's so I put it in the DVD player and took video of it with my iPhone. My longest time friend, and bridesmaid, Stephanie, made sure we had these memories and I'm so thankful she did. It's rough, but I put together some of the fun moments from our wedding!  I also talked David into doing a portrait session, mind you in May, in Florida!  Kandice photographed our little family, and also a few dressed up, with me in my wedding dress again (really because it still fits me:-). Happy anniversary honey bunny!!  Love you!!!