Erin & Adam

Erin is a nurse, and Adam is a rescue swimmer in the Navy.  They are from Palm Harbor but their jobs, and Adam's deployment has taken them to all different places.  Erin is moving out west so they will finally end their long distance relationship and be in the same place!  They love the old Florida feel with the big mossy tree canopy so we did their engagement session at Philippe Park.  I love sharing sweet engagement stories, here's theirs from Erin:

"There was no doubt that Adam and I were meant for each other, but with all of the craziness of me starting my first job in Tallahassee and Adam due to be deployed, I didn't think a proposal was going to happen for a LONG time. Of course, all of our friends and family who had seen us together for 7 years were asking us "isn't it time yet?" and I always told them "once our lives settle down a little bit, then it will happen, not for a LONG time" So, when one night while Adam was visiting me, he got down on one knee in my closet (its a long story), I was in COMPLETE shock. He told me he didn't want to go any longer without making it official and for the ring to remind me that this distance would end soon enough."