Brittany & Cody

I love how these two met, here it is straight from Brittany:

" We met through a mutual friend who introduced us. We tried the dating thing and it didn't really take off. He then moved to Virginia for a job offer. After several months, I posted on Facebook "Guys are jerks" and he just so happened to comment on it right away. We then started texting and started talking every day. We both agreed not to do the long distance relationship thing because of the difficulty from being apart. Then after several months of face timing and skyping daily I made several flights up to Virginia to see him and the relationship took off from there. Cody moved back to Florida and now we are getting married 12.7.13!"

We did their engagement session at Bird Island Lake Ranch which is also where their wedding will be!  That white truck was their first purchase together, I think it should be a  Dodge Ram ad maybe I'll work on that:-)  Brittany and Cody are some of the sweetest people you will meet, fun couple and beautiful location = amazing!  We are looking forward to 12.7!!!