Randomness from Australia

I have so much fun stuff to share from what really was a trip of a lifetime.  We went to Australia for 2 weeks in Dec/January and I'm finally getting around to posting it.  I'm going to post the pretty stuff too, but this is the weird, random, interesting stuff we found:-) Most of these are even with the iphone.  Australia is a constitutional monarchy, which means it has a written constitution but Queen Elizabeth is still Australia's head of state.  You can see the European influence, they love tea and scones, pronounced sc-on-s, not scones how you would think:-)  One of our stops we got some and David didn't even share with me, but I love that that put a heart in my coffee and the giant chess table was a bonus!

1_1_13 Australia_0015.jpg

We spent the first part of our trip in Sydney, which was an amazing city I especially liked China town, the market there had some very interesting fare.  We found these $1 creme puffs sold out of a window.  The pork floss I was definitely not willing to try!

1_1_13 Australia_0016.jpg

The animals and wildlife there with the koalas, kangaroos, and wallaby's was probably my favorite part.  I got to hold and pet koalas a few times and David enjoyed lounging with the Kangaroos.  There are also very impressively sized giant ants!

1_1_13 Australia_0021.jpg

Karunda was a railway you could take and a little town that the train left from outside of Sydney.  I did not like some of the things they had in Karunda!  Wombats were David's favorite animal and you can't hold those so that's as close as he got.

1_1_13 Australia_0018.jpg

Cairns was our next stop to do some exploring and go scuba diving on the great barrier reef.  As we were walking around at night there was the loudest noise you have ever heard and when you looked up there were hundreds of these brightly colored birds in the trees.  They also have pay phones that you can text from.

1_1_13 Australia_0017.jpg

In my next one I'll post more on the diving stuff, but this was our dive master trying to taunt sharks to come up to the edge so the snorkelers could see them, as you can see I'm inside the boat.

1_1_13 Australia_0027.jpg

Our last city was Melbourne which was my favorite, because they have the largest colony of little penguins about 90 minutes from downtown.  I love the Australian advertisements, they are both funny and just saying it like it is.  Apparently Burger King is not allowed to be called Burger King there and there were these advertisements for no calorie slurpies everywhere!

1_1_13 Australia_0020.jpg

One of my favorite things we saw downtown was a horse and carriage with the dog riding shotgun, so cute!

1_1_13 Australia_0019.jpg

Downtown there was a block of streets dedicated to "street art", I have never seen so much graffiti in my life but it was cool.  

1_1_13 Australia_0028.jpg

We took a couple day trips out of the city from Melbourne and everywhere you went there were camper vans, that you can rent and just sleep and camp wherever you want.  They were all decorated very interestingly and mostly inappropriate.  Queensland is the sunshine state just like Florida:-)

1_1_13 Australia_0022.jpg

Vegimite is an Australian favorite, it's this very very salty spread that is definitely an acquired taste.  Our tour guide had some for us to try with tea as we were on the great ocean road looking for lighthouses and cool vantage spots

1_1_13 Australia_0023.jpg

One of the little beach towns we stopped at had a sign that said "no horses or dogs on the beach".  Now I can understand the dog thing I suppose but who brings their horse to the beach?  Literally 2 seconds later There was a horse at the beach!  David loves grocery stores so he was happy to see an IGA.

1_1_13 Australia_0024.jpg

Just a collection of randomness.......

1_1_13 Australia_0025.jpg

Last but not least.  This picture is literally my favorite picture from the trip.  I know, I didn't even take it.  But, we were on the Great Ocean Road at this lookout and this old couple was sitting there exactly like this looking so grumpy.  One of the girls on our tour had the same idea as me and snapped this photo.  Before I had a chance to, the woman gave this girl the dirtiest look so I thought better of it.  But, I still had to at least get a picture of it.  Seriously it could be a work of art! 

1_1_13 Australia_0026.jpg