The Koalas, and little penguins (while I'll post more about later:-) were my main two reasons for wanting to go to Australia:-)  I LOVE these cute furry animals.  They aren't actually "bears" as many people mistakenly call them.  The close of shots of them are at one of the nature parks we went to where you can get a close look at them and even pet them!  When they are born they are the size of a pea in the mother's pouch, just like a kangaroo.  After only about 36 days they much bigger in the pouch, and start crawling out and hanging on the mom's back.  In the wild, they climb WAY up in the trees and plant themselves in the branches, the last 2 pictures are in the wild.  They were really far up in the tree, the second one is actually of a mom and joey SO cute, I literally could have watched them for hours.  I wish I could have brought one home with me!