Sydney Opera House

David and I have had Australia on our bucket list for a l really long time!  We saved up and actually got to check it off our list.  We were there for 2 weeks and did all kinds of different things and met so many amazing people along the way!  I usually don't take a real camera with me on vacation but obviously this is a little different circumstance:-)  After leaving the US on Christmas day we arrived 2 lay overs and 24 later in Sydney!  We totally missed December 26th, never even saw it!  Our first day there we walked all over the city and did a tour of the Opera House.  Sydney is one of the most amazing cities I've seen and SO expensive, even way more than New York or London!  The views there are amazing, from Sydney Harbor the Harbor Bridge and Opera House are obviously some of their most photographed icons.  The way the Opera House was designed was really interesting, everything has a purpose, the tiles on the outside are self cleaning, and inside the rooms there are no speakers or anything.  Everything is designed so you can hear it the same from wherever you are in the room.  There actually weren't too many places you could photograph inside but you will see some of the halls and entry way.  Yes, David had to try and hold up the bridge:-)  Accross the harbor, there is a little carnival looking place kind of like Navy Pier.  The clown face is a little scary!  These are some of my favorite views of the city scape:-)