Heather + Crafton in NYC

Heather and Crafton live in Tampa now, but their story began when Heather lived in New York City!  When we were talking about where to do their engagement session Heather was telling me how she wished we could do it there and I was like "why not"?  So we did!  I got to hear how the whole story unfoldeded beginning at Heather and her roommate's old apartment.  One of their favorite places is the original Brother Jimmy's BBQ 1485 Second Ave.  There are lots of random signs, rustic wood, a fun bar and the people there were so nice and excited to have us there.  It was a whirlwind day!  Time Square, the subways, some of their favorite parks and we ended in Bryant Park, named after Crafton's family.  Just kidding:-) but actually it will be Heather's new last name in June!  It was so much fun to hear them talk about how they met, and and all the fun memories of the places they love and how the fell in love with each other.  I can't wait for their wedding it's going to be amazing!!!  xoxoxo