Nikki and Josh Featured on Poptastic Bride

One of our goals this year is to get as many of our couples creativity and awesome wedding and engagement stories published in wedding blogs and magazines so they can be shared with the world:-)  It's totally working!!!  Sylense has been doing an awesome job submitting our couples' stories and here's another one that is featured today on Poptastic Bride!  I really like this blog because it's "Funky Wedding Ideas for Cool Couples" so it's a little different and not so stylized towards one specific type of wedding but focuses on really being creative.  I'm especially excited that Josh and Nikki's wedding at the Lange Farm is featured today!  Josh sent me one of the nicest emails I have ever gotten.  When he initially emailed me about their wedding, here's what he said: "Hello, on April 15th, 2012 I will be marrying the most beautiful woman in the world and all she wants is you as our wedding photographer. She met you at a lange farm open house (our venue)....", seriously I will always remember and keep that.  The wedding industry is a tough one and it's always so encouraging when people love and appreciate what we do like Nikki and Josh.  So thank you Poptastic Bride for featuring them:-)