Our Wedding:-)

July 3rd, 2005 David and I got married! Today's our 7th anniversary and I've never posted any of our pictures so I thought I would show you some and surprise my husband by posting them:-)  Even only 7 years ago technology has significantly changed!  My friend and fellow photographer Meredith, photographed our wedding in film which I had made into digitals.  This is also before I was a photographer myself.  The colors were light blue, ivory, and peach.  Any of you that know me know I LOVE wedding cake.  Our cake was SO good and still probably my favorite ever. It was from Lovin Oven and had different layers of chocolate and banana cake with chocolate filling, strawberry, and vanilla creme so when you put a bit in your mouth it tasted like a delicious banana split.  The thing I remember most was that all our friends and family from all over were all in the same place at the same time and it's something that would never happen again because they were there to celebrate with us.  David and I met while I was working in New Orleans for 6 months and he was getting his Master's in Seminary.  It's crazy how we even met and the ride we've been on since then!  In these 7 years of marriage we've lived in Illinois and now Tampa of course for the past 4 years.  I switched careers from Engineering to Photography, we built a house and can't wait to see all that life has in store!!!  Love you honey bunny! Happy Anniversary!!!