{Kevin + Rowena @The Rusty Pelican}

Somehow I missed the fact that Kevin has a twin brother:-)  Bo, is actually Kevin's fraternal twin brother but they look a lot a like, apparently 5 other people were mistaken as well!  We had a lot of fun with this group:-)  The deep red florals and the girls in red dresses was gorgeous!  The tall grass next to the water made it look like there is an open field right there on the water.  I love how differently that location looks during the day verses night.  There was also a small door that was open that does under the Rusty Pelican which made for another really different look.  The night went by so fast, and was full of so much joy and excitement.  I'm honored that we had the privelige of capturing it!  Congrats Kevin and Rowena! 

Venue: The Rusty Pelican, Florals: Arlene Floral and Event Design, Makeup: Jayson Cunanan, Hair: Lily Mai, DJ: Downtown DJs, Cake: Chantilly Cakes