Katrina Sequenzia Business Feature on Fox Tampa Bay!

Just below my love for photography is my love for business and helping other succeed in their businesses as well.  So, this one is a double bonus!  Katrina wanted us to help her create the photography for her new website to really capture her welcoming personality and compliment her look of both colorful and calming colors.  When she described the look she was going for it was perfect for my kitchen, and so that became the location.  We did some professional photos as well as some of Katrina in her element.  Also, very important to her profession is nutritional elements she teaches on like fats, proteins, grains etc.  The other bonus was that a couple days before my shoot with Katrina, Chris Chmura from My Fox Tampa Bay wanted to do a followup photography segment from one we had done several months ago and film part of one of our shoots.  So it was perfect timeing!  You can see the video clip below:-)  Here's also a little bit more about Katrina and the passion she has for what she does:

CW: What would is the main focus of your business and what you do?

KS: I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach who teaches you how to GET HEALTHY so that you can lose weight, reverse and prevent disease and have more energy so that you can be FREE TO LIVE the life you were meant to live.  I founded and currently operates a successful Health Coaching practice, www.GetHealthyLiveFree.com where I work with people one-on-one, in group programs and in workshops guiding them to radically transform their life so that they can experience real health. I help you get off the diet roller coaster and shift your mind from Deprived Dieter mindset to a Truly Healthy You mindset. There are amazing healing benefits of real foods and helps you lose weight, reverse and prevent disease and experience abundant energy without deprivation, counting calories or calculating points.

CW: What do you love what you do?

KS: I love coaching people to transform their life and their health. When I talk with people for the first time via a free consultation www.VirtualChatWithKatrina.com and hear about the physical burdens that are holding them back from fully living out their calling, my heart aches. But then I get excited, because I have worked with hundreds of clients, walking with them step-by-step to the other side; so I know that abundant energy, a healthy body and freedom from disease and excess weight awaits them. 

CW: I always like to know random things:-) Tell me 3 fun facts!

KS: I was a band geek. I played the flute from middle school through college.   I am a true Floridian. Born and raised in Tampa Bay. That's rare, from what I understand.  My labor and deliveries are super quick. My youngest child was born 12 minutes after pulling into the birthing center parking lot. 

And there you have it!