Office Foyer & Stairwell

On goes the blogging of the house!  This is our personal office, David has ridiculous amounts of books, even more than is here so lots of bookshelves were super important!! This is a whole wall of shelves and I initially didn't really like just the plain white background so I had our wallpaper guy use the same wallpaper from my studio in the back wall of these shelves and also you saw it in the living room behind the TV.  Voila, I LOVE how it turned out.  The desk and chair go along with the shabby chic theme and are actually more functional than they look:-)  The starwell is really really tall and actually while we were moving I found this fabulous mirror that is framed in metal ceiling tiles, it's like 9 ft tall so perfect for that space.  The W is also made out of ceiling tile so a perfect and simple accent.  Again, I needed a cool light fixture but I didn't want just a normal chandalier so this one looks like water droplets and also has an interesting reflection.  We designed the floorplan to basically have no wasted space, so the short entryway foyer is the only hallway type space there is.  You walk in to another totally different capiz shell chandalier and a rug made out of winecorks.  I am ALWAYS losing my keys so found this nice little find on etsy to go right by the front door.  Sometimes I forget to put them there but most of the time now I can find them.  Here's where I found everything too:-)

Huge Mirror/W: Blue Moon Trading Company, Desk & Chair: Summerhouse, Lighting: Candleabra Lighting, Winecork Rug and Key Hook: Etsy