Cake Zone Halloween Party

Alla and her husband Boris who own The Cake Zone had a pretty awesome Halloween party to celebrate and show their appreciation for the wedding and event professionals they work with.  The details were awesome!  Little beakers with eyeballs, snake toes, poison, chicken lips (no for real of course:-).  Cupcakes with chocolate eye balls on top that they of course made.  A huge spread of delicious appetizers and an entire pig, which my husband was really happy about.  Orange and black linens where the center pieces were lamps with spiders and different creatures on top.  They even had a grave yard and haunted tree house.  Everyone came in full costume and had an awesome time.  Alla and I have gotten to not only work together but become good friends as well.  She and Boris are truly cake artists and are some of the nicest and most caring people, they are what makes this industry great!  It was a blast!!

Decor and Center Pieces: The Perfect Settings, DJ: Al Garcia, Cake and Cuisine: The Cake Zone, Linens: Connie Duglin