Nazario Family

This session was one of my favorites of all time.  Also one of the quickest, about 3 minutes:-)  Holly has been a good friend of mine basically since we've moved to Florida and I was so honored and excited when she asked David and I to join her family at the offical adoption hearing of their new little boy to their family.  They have been foster parents to him and recently had the opportunity to have him join their family.  Micah David is 2 and so cute!  He is the perfect fit for their family and you can tell his big sister and brother Heaven and Isaiah just love him!  It was about a 10 minute court hearing and the judge was so sweet we even got a picture with her as well.  David and I have started this journey as well and Holly has inspired us to begin the process and it's so awesome seeing how a happy outcome can be!  Love you guys!! xoxox