It's Election Time!

This is totally un-photography related but cool non the less:-)  When you live in Florida, especially Hillsborough county which has apparently been right except for the election in 1980. So that's why we get to have all the annoying commercials, mailers, and candidates here all the time!  The Tampa Chamber sent out an email last week saying one of the nation news affiliates wanted to do a panel of undecided votes which I thought was perfect since David and I are both undecided.  So I emailed back and next think I knew the producer from NBC called us and pre-screened us.  They ended up thinking we were interesting as a couple so decided to have Lester Holt interview us at our house.  I love the Today Show and NBC nightly news so it was so much fun!  Here's a pic of the 3 of us and the video clip!

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