Luv My Porch!

 It always amazes me the talents and eye people have for different things!  I know I do NOT have an eye for decorating my outdoor spaces or for holidays, in fact I hate trying to come up with something!  It is so important though for me because since I have a custom studio in my home I need the front porch to be cute and inviting for my clients.  Thankfully, my friend Tammy has the eye and is AMAZING at transforming boringness (that's probably not a word but I like it:-) to warm and welcoming.  Below here's a before picture, that's the best I could do, I know it's very boring!

Look at it now!  Tammy used the main elements I already had which were the shabby chic table/chairs and pot of succulents.  She created a little sitting space for my clients with a cute rug, mums, pumpkins, and pillows, and all incorporating our shabby chic style with fall decor.  She also added mums and little gords and pumpkins to the pot of succulants and really just created 3 little different spaces that all come together to look awesome!!  Since I have double wrap around porches we're going to do some more things with the side and upstairs outdoor living space as well.  Luv My Porch! That's what Tammy does and it's so amazing!