Small Business of the Year 2011

90% of businesses in the Tampa Bay area are considered small businesses which means they have less than 200 employees.  The Tampa Chamber is such a great resource and support for us, and every year they host an amazing event honoring those businesses.  Olin Mott won outstanding leader of the year, his tire company has been here since 1955 and he and his wife are both over 90 years old and have been married over 60 years.  The theme was a media-centric one where the winners were announced via newspaper and different reporters and newscasters giving the big reveal.  The CEO of Edelweiss Air was also in attendance and announced that they will begin a non-stop flight from Tampa to Switzerland in May 2012 which will be huge for the Bay Area.

Venue: Tampa Convention Center, Production: AVI-SPL, Decor: Grand Events