Sod and Mirrors!

We're getting closer!  The sod, driveway, and landscaping definitely makes it look a lot different.  The back of the roof is on but not the front yet so I'll hopefully have a finished roof pic this week.  It was raining today so I took this one super fast.  I can't wait to show you some of the fun furniture finds I've found.  I've been doing all shabby chic/consignment pieces from different shops in Tampa.  The owners have been so helpful and pointed me in the right direction!  I want everything to be unique, and I was really having a hard time finding a big enough mirror for our master bath but I found a really cool beveled one at Forty Three Oh 3.  The guest bath has ivory cabinets with a gray glaze and I found the perfect mirror at Summer House.  The last chandelier is installed in the stairwell, it looks like water droplets:-)