Remembering Dorothy

I'm not a big "journaler" or writer for that matter, but since I've been blogging over the last several years I've really enjoyed writing and having platform to really share experiences.  My friend Nancy called me about a month ago with an amazing idea that is what I'm about to share.  She said she almost called me at 6:30 in the morning when she woke up with her idea, which she could have but it probably would have gone to voicemail:-)  Anyway, she explained to me that there was a very good friend to her boys, (Louis) and fellow boy scout whose mother (Dorothy) had her bout with cancer come back.  She wanted to see if I would be willing to do a portrait session with her and her son to capture the time they still had together.  For me, this was one of those moments that I've had a few times in my life where I knew that at that split second that was what I am on earth to do.  If you haven't ever experienced that, it's seriously one of the most amazing and fulfilling feelings.  Nancy setup the session at their home and also had Holly from Collective Creations come to do Dorothy's hair and makeup.  When I arrived there were a bunch of ladies all laughing and having a great time.  Dorothy's sister, and friends that she had known for years came in town to spend some time with her so everyone joined in!  I really wanted to do something special for them, and my cameras have HD video capability as well so I decided to just put one on a tri-pod and video the session without them knowing.  By no means will I be getting into videography that is for sure!  It was perfect timing because literally the next couple days after our photo shoot Dorothy started in with intensive treatment and not feeling well.  This past weekend she passed away.  Come to find out she was a single mom and her son Louis is only 16.  I am twice his age and I can't imagine losing my mom.  Even the short time I got to spend with her and her family and friends was such a treasure.  Usually my stories are random or happy, but I couldn't help but share.  Life is so precious and short.  I'm not curing cancer or creating world peace but, I can capture those moments that cancer takes away and I can't even tell you how that feels.  It makes me really appreciate life and the time we have here and the loved ones we share it with.  Here's some of my favorite photos of them and the joy and fun we got to share! 

Dorothy and Friends from carrie wildes on Vimeo