Women of Influence 2011 Solidad O'brien

Every year the women of influence luncheon is one of my personal favorite events to both photography and attend.  This year, about 800 attendees were there to get together, network and hear the keynote speaker, who this year was Solidad O'brien.  I love hearing people's stories about who they are and how they have become what they are.  Solidad has a very interesting one, her parents were both immigrants from Cuba and Australia and at the time interracial marriage was illegal in Maryland where they lived.  So they went to Washington DC where laws didn't prohibit that.  You'll have to read her book for the rest of her story.  She talked about overcoming adversity and living life without getting upset about all the small little things that distract us from what's really important.  For all you ladies, and men if you are brave:-)  This event is always an amazing one, there is one in the April and October if you ever get a chance to do definitely take the opportunity!

Tampa Chamber Women of Influence 2011.jpg