{Joanna + Scott}

6.12.10 what an amazing day!!!  Joanna and Scott's families are both Jewish so they signed the Ketubah and then had a beautiful ceremony at the Vinoy.  Joanna gave me a lot of detail on the exact traditions they were doing, the Ketubah they signed had a purple band which was feminine, green band for masculine and blue band that brought both of them together as a couple.  It was totally a crowd of Florida State fans and Joanna surprised Scott with a Ft. State Groom's cake:-)   The sunset ballroom looked gorgeous with her floral centerpieces sky and cake also draped in florals.  My favorite detail was the little bobble head bride and groom that sat by the little gift bags of treats for their guests to take home.  We definitely had a blast and we honored to be able to capture so many fun moments!! Congrats Joanna and Scott!!