Foto Friday!!!!

Every Friday I post something to celebrate random creativity.  This is definitely random!  There are so many things I see on a day to day basis that I would love to capture but don't have my camera or driving or whatever.  Sylense and I were driving in Daytona, almost to the location of our wedding and got stuck in a little bit of traffic.  There was a group of motorcyclists in front of us and one of the guys had and eyeball tattoo on the back of his head!  This made me think of so many questions, why an eyeball? Why does it have a little cut out of the top? Where are they going, how do they know each other, on and on......I'm sure there is a very interesting story behind it which I will never know!

Shot with Canon 5d, 70-200 f2.8 lens at 95mm ISO 200 f/9 500.

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