Master Pieces, From Broken to Beautiful

We recently did some editorial work that was featured in Vertical Tampa Bay.  Cece is an amazing and very talented designer in the Tampa Bay area.  It's a little hard to read in the picture but here it is so you can read her story.......

The eponymous line from Cecelia Bythewood draws from her angelic spirit and authentic creativity. Known for being bold yet distinctively humble, Cecelia Bythewood’s jewelry line has something for everyone. “Every design comes from a loving place in my heart, to connect with the beautiful places found in every woman’s heart and soul,” says Bythewood. Based in Tampa, Cecelia Bythewood’s latest collection, Green and Gorgeous, has traveled the country for private trunk shows in LA to adoring fashion followers in New York City. “People are drawn to Cecelia,” says Nancy Vaughn, publicist for Cecelia Bythewood. “She has a magnetic personality and warm spirit, you can’t help but like what she creates.” The Green and Gorgeous collection is a combi- nation of “broken and beautiful” pieces collected from Bythewood and the individual for whom she designs. “I use pieces that I find, pieces of old jewelry or heirlooms from my customers, and I create an original piece that incorporates the past and present,” says Bythewood. Using earth-friendly materials, Green and Gorgeous focuses on being environmentally friendly with recycled objects, wood, recovered metals and non-toxic glue. The combination of materials makes for one-of-a-kind items for jew- elry aficionados. In addition to custom pieces for clients, she also creates jewelry for fashion designers, drawing inspiration from their creations or inspiring a unique take on a design. “Proper accessories can make or break any outfit,” says Bythewood. Many of Cecelia’s creations are “statement” pieces and can be worn alone. That subtle and powerful nature is the inspiration that fuels Cecelia Bythewood and makes her a force in the world of fashion and accessories design. Cecelia can be reached through her Web site,

Published with permission from VERTICAL Tampa Bay