Vacation Memoirs: Palma de Mallorca, Italy

Our last stop before heading back to Barcelona was Palma de Mallorca. They are known for the beaches so it was the perfect place to take a catamaran trip around the coast. Our friends from South Africa came with us and David and Gert did a diving competition off the side of the boat. The water was amazing clear blue but a little bit chillier than the Gulf:-) That night we went to a dinner theater and met a couple from London on holiday. They were so nice, and ended up giving us a ride back to the ship at the end of the evening. Through chatting with them, they own a ballroom dance studio in London and have trained many of the dancers on dancing with the starts. They travel the world judging competitions as well. That’s what I love about traveling the world, you meet so many interesting people, and it gives you such a different perspective on life. So many people don’t get the opportunity to do that so I’m fortunate to bring it back with me in photographs. So, this brings our journey to an end, I can’t wait until the next one.