Vacation Memoirs: Marseille

We got on the ship in Barcelona and Marseille, the oldest city in France was our first stop. Old Port is how you get there, it was pretty early and the market there was just getting busy. Fresh flowers everywhere and the most gorgeous peonies I have ever seen! There were fisherman selling live fish they just caught.

We took a ferry over to a Chateau de If which was the setting for the book The Count of Monte Cristo.


It turned from Military fortress to the most feared prison in France. Similar to Alcatraz only a couple thousand years older.

I think these are red poppies?

Apparently there are killer sea gulls here too.

The prisoners could see the beautiful ocean and even hear the city of Marseille but couldn't reach it.

Definitely amazing views, I wonder if they ever do weddings there?

The Nortre Dame de la Garde is on the hill overlooking the city. Here's the inside.

One of my favorite things about Spain, France, and Italy....

What a beautiful sunset, next stop Genoa not sausage but Italy.