{Kendra + Daniel}

I knew Kendra in my college days at Purdue and we have kept in touch through Facebook.  It's a little extra special when you get to capture a friend's wedding, makes me so happy to know Kendra found an amazing person to share her life with.  Kendra actually went to school at University of Illinois and the wedding was in Champagne, IL.  I love going and getting a little taste of fall and then coming back to FL:-)  It's been a long time since I've been to Memorial Stadium, that was one of the places that Kendra loves, and it was gorgeous with the long hallway of column.  As the sun was setting we went to the Round Barns, which is exactly what they are historic round barns the light was amazing!  My favorite little touch was the school bus they rented for transportation.  We did a little day after session at a pumpkin patch so more to come!! Congrats Kendra and Dan, it truly was an honor to capture your beautiful day!!!