Couture Creation

Ever wonder who and what is behind the design of those beautiful wedding gowns you see? I have the privilege of working with a local designer, Vicky, creator of Anglo Couture and wanted to share a little her world and what it takes to design her gorgeous gowns. Our work will also be featured on their website and we covered Anglo Couture's fashion show last week so lots more to come!!!

What are your biggest influences?
"I simply love what I do. I get infuenced by everything. Life itself infuences me...but mostly different women's characters. I think that we should be able to represent who we are or want to be, through our image. So i just try to capture that through my designs."

How does a gown go from drawing to reality?

"First I look at the sketch and see how I can make a pattern that is actually wearable and has an imperative fit. I draft the pattern and cut it out of muslin, I test the fit and make changes as needed. After I have accomplished the perfect fit I finalize the pattern and cut it from the actual material. Sometimes there is up to 100 pieces in a single pattern. The correct cutting is crucial in assuring the perfect fit. Putting together all the pieces must be done with simple perfection to achive the absolute fit. And that's how it all happens!!!"

How do you come up with the names for each dress?

"I just look at the dress and think, what would the name of the woman that will wear it be?"

What types of materials do you use?

"1oo% the finest quality silk dutchess satin, chiffon and organza....I love to accent with french laces and flowers."

If you could have a super power what would it be?:-)
"lol....This is hard to choose but I think I would love to travel through time."