Haiti Take 4: Destiny Village and Project 81


In my last posting I took you to Village 87 and through those images you saw the poverty of the children living there.  Yet, just 10 kilometers down the road there is hope!   Near village 87 is an amazing place called  Destiny Village.  It is an orphanage with 30 children.  All of these children were near death in the surrounding villages when they came to Destiny Village. But they've been given a new chance at life.  Now, they represent a hopeful future for the country of Haiti. When we first met the children I was shocked that they understood me.  All the children learn English along with their native Creole and French. They all go to church, school, and have hopes and dreams of becoming singers, mechanics, teachers; one young man even wants to be the future President of Haiti! Mark, with the bus, captured the heart of our entire group with his sweetness.  Clairemont (I'm not sure if I spelled it right!) is a little 8 year old girl who was an amazing singer and dancer.


 I hope these pictures can express how happy and healthy the kids are at Destiny Village.  The night and day difference between these kids and the ones we met just hours before in the villages was awe-inspiring.  Like I said, hope is on the horizon!  You will see several pictures of a fence and open land. Destiny Village is partnering with Project 81 (www.project81.org) with the hope of turning this open space into a gathering place with a community center, school, church, clinic, and place to get food and clean water.  It is in walking distance from Village 87, Village 81, and other surrounding villages. Project 81 wants to provide a hope and a future to the children of these villages.  We are going to be partnering with Project 81 on this vision, as well as some of the initiatives of Mayor Gayel in Port-au-Prince.  It's all in the works and I'll be sharing more soon on what we'll be doing.  My prayer is that these photos would prick your heart to help in any capacity, because great or small, the opportunity is here!