Tampa Chamber 2009 SBOY Awards

The Tampa Chamber is such a great resource for small business, whether it's marketing, networking, mentorship you name it and they are there to help. They are one of the first groups I got involved with when we moved to Tampa and it has been an amazing group to be a part of! Their biggest event of the year is the Small Business Awards, which highlight the impact of small business and celebrate the best of Tampa. The theme was rock and roll, and it kicked off with an electric guitar and the National Anthem. There were over 900 people in attendance in the Tampa Convention Center. Small businesses are really important to Tampa's economy so it was really interesting to hear the background and values around each of the companies that were nominated. There are 3 categories ranging from 5-250 employees and also Outstanding Leader of the year.  At the bottom you'll see all the nominees and some sneaks of what the event looked like.  The online gallery is at www.pictage.com/726510  

Lighting and Ambiance- Grand Events
Entertainment - DJ by CJ
Floral Arrangements -Apple Blossoms