Costa Rica Dia de dos!

Our whole team is now together!  After long delays in Tampa and Miami, the Whites, Bruce, Josh, and Beth made it here to San Jose very early this morning. We put "Amor Ahora" which means Love Now in Spanish into action in San Jose.  Lifepoint is not only spreading the love in Tampa but around the world!  We so appreciate all of you who helped us get here and are praying for our team.  This morning we went back to the church and went around the neighborhood talking to people and sharing God's love with them. The first picture is of Fabio, Melanie, and Mark heading out. We were able to talk to 35 people and 5 of them prayed to accept Christ!  We then dined at a traditional Costa Rican restaurant, KFC (which I haven't even been to in the US in like 10 yrs!). Our next stop was El Hospital Nacional de Los Ninos. We visited kids who were either getting ready for surgery or had just gotten out of surgery.  We were amazed at how open the kids and their parents were to chat with and pray with us.  I wish I could have taken some pics in the hospital, but I couldn't so the 2nd picture is of our whole team outside the hospital and the 3rd picture is of Josh with a card one of the kids gave him because he told her his name was Zach Ephron, he did tell her he was joking but she wrote that his name was George on the card:-) After we got back, Bruce, David, Mark, and I went on a run practically straight up a mountain!  Ali is making us a Costa Rican specialty, chicken, rice and beans and then we will be hanging out tonight and having a sharing time.  Cristian's dad Eddie Vidachea who was the National Director of Word of Life in Costa Rica and has planted many churches.  The boys are going to try and watch the NCAA championship game.  Unfortunately there is a TV here:-)