Wow, mountains!

This past weekend I went to Fort Collins, Colorado for Brittany and Blake's engagement session. They are getting married next June in Chicago. Colorado is one of the 4 states I haven't been to yet so I checked another one off the list. I need to find a reason to shoot in Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Alaska!!! I had a blast hanging out with Brittany and Blake and they took me everywhere!! We went to Estes Park, Lake Loveland, and even got to do some hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Along the way we saw Summer, Fall, and Winter so I had my fill of snow for the year. Here's some of the scenery we saw, it is always so amazing to see mountains when you live someplace so flat:-) I'll have to do a couple posts for the engagement shoot!!
Ah! back in the snow, it was sooo cold on this mountain!

Here's the view!!

This little guy was so friendly, Blake was basically touching him.

Just chillin on the mountain.

So peaceful

I think these are big horned sheep

These guys aren't friends!

Elk maybe?

This was the biggest white bunny I've ever seen in the wild.

Yes that is ice at dusk

Sometimes I like to be artsy