Maddie by Month

You would think as photographers, we are really good at photographing our own lives and families but we aren't! Now that I have kids, I really have to be intentional and come up with personal projects to capture them how I do for our clients.  I am not a crafty person and I hate scrapbooking, but I wanted to have something for my girls to remember the little details of especially their first year.  I saw this idea (on pinterest of course) where a photographer had done photos of their child's face each month and next to it written about what they had done each month as well.  Our oldest daughter Maddie just turned 1 and so I finished hers!  This will be a 6x6 sized album and each of the spreads are below. It's crazy to see how much she's changed over the last year and I'm so she'll have it to read someday.  Our girls are both adopted, and I gave both of our birth mom's a little album and each month I print out these photos so they can stick them in the album and know how beautiful and big they are getting.  Life is always busy and time flies by so quickly, so I thought this was a fun little personal project to share:-)