Interview Owl Business Feature

I had the privilege of working with Anne Akridge, founder and CEO of Interview Owl to visually depict her persona to her potential clients for her website.  Her passion is helping people realize their talent and succed in employment in that area a very necessary and interesting business!  Her website turned out awesome, here's a screen shot and my interview with her along with some of my favs from our session. 

Anne Akridge knows sales and management inside and out. She has been recognized as a top salesperson, trainer, manager and director in healthcare and business, winning national sales awards for 20 years. She's interviewed thousands of candidates and built five national sales forces. Every candidate she hired achieved success, winning award recognition or a promotion. Most importantly, Anne knows talent. She knows how to spot talent that’s hidden inside job candidates. And she knows how to nurture talent. She founded Interview Owl to help job candidates improve their interview skills and get the job they want.

CW: Tell me about your company and what you do?

AA: We develop custom resumes, phone interview practice, face to face interview practice, business plans, accomplishment portfolios, one on one customized coaching and one stop shop career advice.  Interview Owl was developed to give job candidates honest feedback on resumes, interview skills and career advice. Practice with a successful hiring manager with 20 years of REAL WORLD sales, training and executive management experience. Interview Owl services anyone looking to master the interview - from recent college graduates to seasoned professionals looking to make a change, in any industry, and in every part of the world. Practice with a PRO and get your dream job - the smarter way to get the job you want.

CW: Why do you love what you do?

AA: I truly enjoy helping people succeed.  It’s why I became a manager and director in the corporate world, to help people develop throughout their career.  Now I can use my “street credit” to help candidates set themselves apart in the interview process.  It’s so much fun to watch the transformation of someone in the beginning of their job search who’s a little unsure to completely owning the room and getting their dream job.

CW: What are some interesting things you would want people to know about you?

AA: I have two boxers I skateboard everyday like sled dogs. I own over 4,000 vinyl records and have been an avid reader of Rolling Stone for 30 years.  I love board games, especially Charades and Pictionary.