The Power of Uplighting

One of the most asked questions from our couples about their reception is about uplighting.  Is it worth it? YES!  I've been wanting to do a post with a good visual example and I've got it! I recently did this setup shoot for Gabro Event Services and A La Carte Shrine Pavilion to showcase what they can do and I think it's a pretty sweet example of the power of light.  The first image is the room setup just draped and the center pieces pin spotted.  It looks nice, but take a look at the impact of adding a color to the room, all done with light.  We did a softer white light and then a bolder purple light.  Normally when we shoot setups we use an LED video light on a stand to light the center piece and still get the background color.  I love that Gabro Events has pin spots that they attach to the ceiling which allows them to light each center piece.  For the ceremony setup they moved them all to light the ostrich feathers in the main aisle which looks amazing.  So, there you go, uplight, uplight, uplight! 
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